How to play disc golf even without a course

Whether you happened to catch a glimpse of it on YouTube or you were lucky enough to see a tournament in person during a vacation, if you’ve been recently exposed to disc golf there’s likely no turning back! Most people who begin playing find that they become rather addicted to the game, playing as often as they can, consuming knowledge like a machine, and nearly eating, sleeping, and breathing the sport.

But what if you’ve recently fallen in love with the game yet don’t have a course anywhere near you? Those of us who are fortunate enough to live close to our favourite layouts might consider this to be a true nightmare, but for many people around the world, playing a round of disc golf might involve more time in the car than it’s even worth. Can you still enjoy your favourite sport without a course? We say yes!

An image of men and kids walking in a disc golf park

Getting The Tools

While a disc golf course is certainly nice to have when you’re interested in playing a round, it’s not as essential as having actual discs to play with. If you’re wondering about ‘disc golf supplies near me’, no matter where you live, you can head over to The Frisbee Shop to pick up anything your heart desires. If you’re newer to the sport you might want to start out with less expensive discs, while more experienced disc golfers could be on the hunt for backups to their most trusted molds. Whatever the case, The Frisbee Shop has what you need.

For some, heading out to a field or even putting in the backyard is enough disc golf for them without actually visiting a course. In order to hone in on your skills and make the most of your time, having at least one basket is crucial. Again, swing over and purchase one of several RAD basket options online and have it shipped straight to your door.

The Old School Way

If you’re on a budget and only have one or two discs to play with, all is not lost. You can still enjoy a full-fledged game of disc golf at your local park with some of your closest friends or even embark upon a solo round if you choose. How can this be done without baskets you ask?

an image of group of people walking in a disc golf course

The forefathers of disc golf didn’t always have baskets around, and before they were officially invented and mass produced, they would head to a local park and make an object course. Start by deciding where you tee off on hole 1, and select a tree, pole, or another stationary object to use as the “basket.” Instead of sinking a putt, hitting the object with your disc becomes the goal.

You can continue around the property this way by literally making up your own holes, and can repeat this layout or change it up each time you visit. While it may not be quite the same as playing on a real disc golf course, it will still help you to improve your form, accuracy, and scratch your disc golf itch until you have time to make it to a course once again.

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