About Us

The story of RAD is deeply rooted in Australia because The RAD team of BFF's Barringer Finn and Ferguson are Aussie Disc Golfers , but the brand is an international one, taking on the world.

RAD has been developing disc golf baskets down under since 2009

Following years of supporting other manufacturers and even making leading brands baskets under license to help develop the game for Australia the team decided they wanted to help grow the game around the world with their drive and their products.

Precision Craftsmanship

RAD has spent a lot of time on the design and development of the product's including the materials that we use and the configurations of the baskets so that they’re super high-quality and fit for purpose as well as catching amazingly all shots from weak high side to the sweet spot, the team ensured they created something to suck in those discs.

Global Growth Partnerships

RAD works closely with those who have a desire to grow the game around the world including Clubs, Schools and a network of resellers. Providing support with wholesale pricing, point of purchase material, and strategies on how to grow the sport and their business.

Want to become a RAD Reseller?

If you want to become a RAD reseller or would like to be part of RAD’s network of wholesale customers or supporters please fill out the RAD B2B application form below.

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